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The April/May magazine for Rotarians in Great Britain & Ireland featured a number of articles on Mental Health issues - including an interview with former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Frank Bruno.
Our thanks to Editor Dave King for allowing us to share this magazine.
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Domestic Violence Support

During these difficult times during the Covid pandemic, many people will be suffering from Mental Health issues in some form or another.  It has been seen that during lockdown and the current time, peoples’ mental wellness has been affected and in some cases, this can result in Domestic Abuse occurring.

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Peer Leadership & Depression Prevention-Nigeria

Posted by Bob Anthony
Any Rotary club can replicate this successful mental health project that has been proven by communities in the USA, Puerto Rico, India, and Nigeria. Where appropriate, Rotarians have translated its supplemental materials into local languages including Spanish, Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi.
PLDP-Nigeria was initiated by the Rotary clubs of Wellesley and Ibadan Idi Ishin with the help of the Rotarian Action Group on Mental Health Initiatives. The resource is described in the RAGMHI Toolkit-Wellness in a Box (  In the first year, eight schools in Nigeria trained faculty, parents, and 1,824 teens where improvements were measured in Knowledge, Negative attitude, and Confidence in help-seeking. Grant funding is not mandatory because the core training and content are online without cost from Boston Children’s Hospital (; the sustainable elements include a referral protocol, experienced trainers, and normalized conversations around mental health and wellness. If grant money is made available, it can be put to excellent use by adding clinical care - the implementations in Puerto Rico, southern India, and Nigeria were completed through Rotary global grants that provided a traveling clinician to support each participating school during the implementation year and to identify ongoing resources. A planned implementation in central India will also increase capacity of providers by training two dozen M.A. Psychology students as school counselors.
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Preventing Suicide in Lithuania

Suicide prevention model and its application in the municipalities of Lithuania – SUPREME AIM” is one of the core priorities in the long-term program on suicide prevention of the Rotary International District 1462. The beneficiaries are 350,000 inhabitants in 99 elderships who now have a functioning suicide prevention system and improved access to psychological help.
It began in 2015, when Vice-Chair of RAGMHI, Dr. Geetha Jayaram (RC Howard West), visited Dr. Vygintas Grini (RC Kaunas) in Lithuania to discuss the possibility of reducing the number of suicides in that country which has been approximately 9 times higher than other countries is the EU.  Dr. Jayaram spoke on, “The role of contemporary leader in the prevention of suicides” and agreed to help implement the project, provide consultations, and supervisions for project quality assurance for GG1743565. 
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“Defeat Depression” Workshop - Chanda Devi Saraf School (CDS), Nagpur

A two-hour workshop was organised by RAGMHI, at CDS school on 25th September 2017 for students of Std 8, 9, and 10th along with their teachers. There were about 350 students and a dozen teachers.
Rita Aggarwal (Director RAGMHI and Manodaya), spoke on depression, its signs and symptoms among teenagers, the stigma attached to mental illness and the need to remove it.  She urged the students to understand this disease and learn to help themselves and their friends in trouble.
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Rotary Health Programs Down Under

Global health, including mental health, has been a focus 'down under' in Australia for over a decade.

Australian Rotary Health is one of the largest independent funders of mental health research within Australia.

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Stories from You!

Posted by Bill Farrow

District 5450

My club, Boulder Valley Rotary Club in Colorado (US), has been active in a variety of local mental health projects over the last three years. 
In early 2015, a group of clubs that either had mental health projects or were interested in learning more created an informal committee we named Rotary Mental Health Initiatives. The committee includes MH professionals who are not in Rotary.
In December 2015, we organized a mental health expo in Denver, Colorado. 33 mental health organizations had booths. 550 people, mostly Rotarians, attended. The Governor of Colorado spoke about the State’s progress and plans regarding mental health resources. There was also a great speaker from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who told of her personal experiences dealing with mental health issues.  We think it was the largest public mental health education event in our state’s history. Feedback from participants was excellent. 
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Life skills and Personality Development Programme

Posted by Rita Aggarwal. Practising Psychologist, Nagpur, India
In the year 1992, a 15 day module on Life skills and personality Development was prepared for school children in the age group of 10 to 16 years. Another advanced module was prepared for undergraduate college students in the age group of 16 to 22 years. It was realised that formal school education seriously lacked the components of development of a good personality and psychosocial competence, as it focused mainly on school curriculum teaching and learning. 
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