The Rotaract Club of Kampala International University champion for this project is Bombokka Mpanga Ivan ( and the population served are girls attending Public schools in Uganda. Menstruation is a normal occurrence in every pubescent school-going girl and is associated with a variety of issues ranging from its physical symptoms to psychological effects such as anxiety, depression and inherent psychosocial stress.
In addition to the above, the cultural context of Uganda raises the issues with regards to stigma and discrimination associated with sanitation and hygiene during this period dreaded by most school-going girls. Our project intends to ameliorate most of these issues by enabling the school-going girl to adequately cater for their menstrual hygiene while concomitantly addressing the pertinent psychological issues by providing a referral/linkage point to a mental health professional for affected girls. A broader sensitization campaign is also necessary to equip these girls with the knowledge and skills as well as modify the mindset and perspectives of the community at large while maintaining societal adhesion and harmony.